Thursday, April 24, 2008

Multiple Intelligences: Kinesthetic


Kinesthetic learners can find school frustrating, because they learn best when they are actively engaged with the physical environment. Kinesthetic learners learn by doing rather than by seeing or listening. Often a kinesthetic learner can understand something through the five senses - being able to touch the cotton rather than hearing a lecture on slavery or doing a "belief walk" rather than a debate.

Teaching Strategies
  • Move around - walk from table to table and analyze information
  • Physical artifacts - being able to touch and feel an item
  • "Mock" history - turning the class into a factory, into a slave ship, etc.
  • Belief Walk - also a spatial method (walk from 1-10) according to beliefs
  • Use of JavaScript - roll over an object and discover something
  • Video Games (although there is strong debate on this one)
  • Acting out
  • Role playing
  • Collages (also visual)


This could be your classroom if you took kinesthetic learning to an extreme.

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