Wednesday, April 16, 2008

help with ELL

I have taught here awhile and I feel like I have heard things here and there about English Language Development. I've been bogged down, however, by things like "affective filter" and all the various acronymns.

Is there a place I can go with some very basic information about how to help ELL students in reading? In particular, I am looking for a list of strategies. I read the book they gave us and it was helpful and I feel like I get the theory. But I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what has worked with you on a practical level. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I am not an ELL teacher, but I found that specific instructions, visuals and graphic organizers all help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. I've found that hyperlinking vocabulary words to an example sentence / pic / synonymn has worked well for me with regards to the computer. It's just tough for me, because I still feel like I can't completely tell what is working and what is not.