Friday, November 16, 2007


-Please read over this and comment on anything that should be modified.

1. Plan for Integration

  • Self-assessment
  • What new skills you learned
  • How you plan to use these in the classroom - use some of our brainstorm ideas
  • What materials you will need
  • What skills you still need

2. Professsional Portfolio

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Plan for Integration (see above)
  • Artifacts - sample handouts, sample projects, sample lessons, sample presentations
  • Links to sites you have created
  • Any reflections or thoughts to add

3. Class website

  • It must be something that you will actually use in school
  • Skills - It must have at least one visual, some writing and at least one link
  • Needs to link to the class blog

4. Class blog

  • Needs to link to the class website
  • Have at least one posting
  • At some point some student needs to post a response to it

Basic Schedule for Professional Development

Week 1


Week 2


Measurable Outcome: The creation of a class blog

Week 3

Google Documents

Measurable Outcome: Pros and cons of Google Docs, a collaborative document

Week 4


Measurable Outcome: The creation of a class website

Week 5

Google Presentations

Measurable Outcome: Upload and share a presentation

Week 6

FINAL - Put together the portfolio, etc.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

students creating websites

What is an authentic way for students to design websites in class? How could students design websites that would relate to your content area?