Thursday, April 24, 2008

Multiple Intelligences: Existential


Existential thinkers to tend lean toward the deeper, philosophical questions. They prefer to ask, "Why am I doing this?" and "How does this help me to live well?" An existential thinker typically has a strong sense that education must be meaningful - not simply to pass a test or earn a scholarship, but to think better about life. An existential thinker will often add a spiritual, intuitive, philosophical or abstract component to education.

Teaching Strategies

  • Socratic Seminar
  • Philosophy of _______
  • Developing difficult questions to spur dialogue
  • Adding a human dimension to a class
  • Examining epistemology - the journey of truth
  • Journaling with difficult questions
  • Dialogues about ethics within politics
  • Writing Socratic dialogues
  • Analyzing writing with concepts such as world view, character development and theme
  • Inquiry and guided inquiry
  • Activities that begin with "What if . . .?"
  • Analyzing social issues through an existentialist filter - "Why is there injustice?"


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