Sunday, October 28, 2007

our vision

We exist because we want to think outside the box. Wait . . . that phrase is so cliche that it is thinking inside the box. So, we exist, because we want to break free from the factory-direct, student-as-data, factory model, pre-fab standardized system so that teachers can use the best methods for student learning.

This site works in conjunction with as a place for us to share. By this, I mean, it is a place where we can share our questions, our experiences, our expertise, our opinions, our resources, our lessons. In other words, it is an online extension of the physical community.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

thoughts on blogging

Potential Uses:
-Students write blogs
-Journal – interested in
-Private – reflections
-Team Newsletter
-Community Service Reflections
-Scavenger Hunt
-Personal Advantage
-Alternative homework
-Post a picture, question, etc.
-Student Help Desk / Tutoring
-E-mail me a question
-Topic – Reply
-Importance of writing
-Problem of the week
-Letters to future students
-Embed videos

Potential Problems
-Text message language
-Slow Typers
-Signing up
-Slow with technology – reluctant to change
-It’s not always best – subject area