Thursday, January 17, 2008


What are some general rules that you would have in using presentation software in the classroom?


Anonymous said...

Basic PowerPoint Guidelines:

1) Don't put too much information on the slide

2) Label all pictures, charts, images

3) Pick out colors that are easy on the eye

4) Make it concise

5) Pick fonts that are easy to read

-Lamont and Tse

Dierdre said...

-specify a transition
-no sounds
-specify amount of text allowed to be on a page
-if done in groups, each kid does x number of slides
-one picture (or less) per slide


The 8th rocket said...

Make sure font is big enough to be read across the room, and that the slide is not over run with words. I would give them a set amount of slides, so that they don't cram or spread out there information too much. I would also give them a set amount of pictures they can use. I think some general structure would allow them to better use ppt