Thursday, January 10, 2008

great expectations

We all know that there are teachers who have low expectations. These are the teachers who never challenge students and have a low view of what students can accomplish.

So, what are high standards? What does it look like to have higher expectations? Does this apply to all students? Or can some students legitimately accomplish more than others?


Anonymous said...

High standards and high expectations applies to all students. Some students legitimately do accomplish more then their peers academically; however, all students can achieve. Developing standards and having expectations for your students is necessary for growth. They are achieved by setting challenging yet attainable goals for your students.

Anonymous said...

As a teacher I try to have expectations just above what my students feel they can achieve. My standards are uniform, but the way I grade each student may differ. I do however think that everyone is better at some things and not as good at others. That is just a fact of life. I don't know what high expectations are, but I know the feeling. High expectations are when my students tug a little, but they are very satisfied when they finish the task

Anonymous said...

I, myself, have high expectations and standards for everything in life. I know that students do not have my the same point of view, where if I don't understand something, it'll bother me all day and night and I will not be able to sleep at night. Whereas my students, who do not understand something, they will just give up while I know that they are capable of doing the work. I've seen them work their hardest and by having them turn in something that is not up to what they are capable of, its when I would not accept the work. Ultimately, it depends on the work ethic of the students. If students strive for the best, they will work their butts off to get to the top. Whereas, those who have no work ethic, I will target them and make them see that they do have the ability to do what others are doing. I know that I have already gotten my SPED kids up to the regular ed kids, some even surpass them!