Friday, November 16, 2007


-Please read over this and comment on anything that should be modified.

1. Plan for Integration

  • Self-assessment
  • What new skills you learned
  • How you plan to use these in the classroom - use some of our brainstorm ideas
  • What materials you will need
  • What skills you still need

2. Professsional Portfolio

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Plan for Integration (see above)
  • Artifacts - sample handouts, sample projects, sample lessons, sample presentations
  • Links to sites you have created
  • Any reflections or thoughts to add

3. Class website

  • It must be something that you will actually use in school
  • Skills - It must have at least one visual, some writing and at least one link
  • Needs to link to the class blog

4. Class blog

  • Needs to link to the class website
  • Have at least one posting
  • At some point some student needs to post a response to it

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